Our Short Story Welcome to Sundarban Bharaman Sathi

Sundarban Bharaman Sathi started its journey with expertise in its field from 1984. We feel extremely proud and privileged to make our National and International travelers enjoy our World Heritage Site. Sundarban- A national park, also popular as a tiger reserve location in the state of West Bengal, Sundarban attracts a huge number of wildlife enthusiasts every year. Sundarban Bharaman Sathi offers one of the best safest and reasonable Sundarban tour packages for wildlife travel lovers as well as leisure travellers. We must try to provide you best possible support and helping hand so that your Sundarban tour will be remarkable with our travel packages. All the best for your future Journey with Sundarban Bharaman Sathi.

Sundarbans is popularly regarded as a land with rich biological diversity. Be it the lush green and wild mangrove forest or the salty river bed, Sundarban forms to be the paradise for every traveler. During your Sundarban tour, you can spot various popular mangrove species like Champa, Sundari, Hatal, Garjan, Genwa, Kankra, Golpati, Keora, etc.

Other than the mangrove forest, the Royal Bengal Tiger forms to be the main attraction during your trip to Sundarban. Along with the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger, you can even spot other wildlife species like spotted deer, saltwater crocodile, wild boar, leopard cat, fishing cat, water monitor lizard, common otter, olive ridley turtle, jungle cat, monkeys, green sea turtle, etc.

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